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STM Ventures is a seed investment fund that backs early stage digital marketing technology entrepreneurs who seek to build world-class, industry-disrupting businesses.

Who Do We Look For?

We look for technology entrepreneurs

Who have developed powerful tools for the digital marketing industry, with a particular focus on mobile, social, content, and affiliate marketing

Who have demonstrated initial traction and customer demand for these technologies with their target market

Who are looking for funding and support to use these tools to create highly scalable, multi-million dollar global businesses

What Do We Offer?

In addition to seed capital, we offer

Unparallelled experience in - and personal access to - the key decision-makers in the global digital and affiliate marketing industry

Extensive strategic direction, managerial guidance and operational support in recruitment, business setup and acceleration, market entry, finance, and corporate governance

Clear vision, roadmap and path to multi-million dollar exit together built on successful partnership and business execution

Who Are We?

STM Ventures is the early stage investment arm of iStack Holdings Limited, the global leader for digital and affiliate marketing collaborative content and commerce.

iStack Holdings’ core team members have personally founded, invested in, and have grown more than 12 multi-million dollar companies and have negotiated exits for multiple digital startup companies, including both IPOs and trade sales companies such as CBS Interactive and Techpacific with collective enterprise value of over US$950 million

iStack Holdings owns and operates

The largest international affiliate marketing conference in the world

The largest online community for “superaffiliate” marketers

How We Operate


Before investing, a team of experienced leaders will analyse your existing business plan.

We look at the market opportunities being addressed and the potential scale of the business. Your skills, industry reputation, passion, commitment and integrity play an absolutely critical role in our decisions to invest.


We are offering multiple investment structures as well as extensive in-kind financing support.

We enjoy being a sole investor, working alongside other credible investors, or in a syndicate as the situation demands.

Our Investment Portfolio

AdPlexity - Leading mobile intelligence service

Adplexity started at the end of 2015 as a small startup. With the help of STM Ventures it has grown to be the top competitive intelligence tool for mobile ads. Recently Adplexity expanded by adding native and web to their arsenal.

At the moment Adplexity is the only service on the market that monitors campaigns on Android apps, Mobile web and redirect traffic, both for WIFI and carrier-based traffic.

FunnelFlux - The pioneering visual-based advertising tracking engine

Funnel Flux started in early 2015 as a small company which soon grew to be one of the main leading tracking tools in the world. They distinguish themselves by having the world's only visual tracker. With Funnel Flux you can create complex marketing campaigns in seconds using the visual campaign builder. No technical skill are needed, which makes it more appealing to the mainstream.

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